Saturday, July 20, 2013


After the roof farm we went Jollibee, and it was awesome.


Palabok is Fiesta Noodles here

Bertha, Laura, Palabok and Chickenjoy

Happy kid

There's no joy like Chikenjoy.

Rooftop farming

Went on a rooftop farm visit with some school mates. Learned so much about sustainable rooftop farming. Good stuff. I want one.

Our tour guide who looks like Arya Stark



They even got bees!

That's a huge pepper

The things you can do with a great idea.

The saddest song I've ever heard in my life

Watched an artist perform in the internship, Jenn Bostic. Her song silenced our office crowd.

 and then she played a feel good song (thank god).

Good songs are personal.

Another round of Ample Hills

A couple of friends and I just had to go back to this place in Brooklyn.

The line

The name

The flavors

Came home melted but still good

Yes, caramel cookies and buttercake squares in that mess

Make the journey for good ice cream.

Koreatown adventues

Guess who food trips on his own? Me!

Mr. Fish's G-Dragon roll

Big Bang Roll, what I should have ordered

Korean doughnut

Cinnamon, sugar and chopped walnuts inside

With saying in the box pa!

and my new funkyshorts

Alone time can be good, or real good.

The hang of it

Ok, I think I've been really getting into the Magic draft scene. It fills a bit of a weekend slot but it fills the geeky need in me. It's super competitive and fun playing with different people. And in a comic book store, everyone is a character.

Won 2nd!

The loot


My first planeswalker

Take a crazy break once in a while.

Intern Bye

Said farewell to Julie, another awesome intern at the internship. The only french-zilian I know and who can randomly break out into song. It kind of makes me feel old(er) since I realized I've gone through three sets of interns at VEVO. Still, it's all good.

Every friend is a good memory.